Psychosocial Program

Develop a psychosocial program aimed at increasing levels of adherence to treatments, through learning skills for emotional strengthening of caregivers of the child population of the FDP


Why do we run the program?

Contribute to human development, during and after treatment

Need for strengthening the emotional dimension of families

Facilitate coping with the various demands and challenges that arise in everyday life

Integral educational program

We facilitate actions for comprehensive educational development, which contributes to improving the quality of life of children and families in treatment

¿Cómo ayudamos a nuestros niños?

Educational support

Assistance, guidance and accompaniment to children and mothers through the provision of spaces, tools and materials for the timely and adequate development of the school process

Animal assisted therapy

Use of canines as a therapeutic resource, with the aim of improving the physical, cognitive, emotional and relational functions of children

Music therapy

Music sessions with Music Street School as a therapeutic tool for beneficiaries to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs