Support our children

We contribute to improving the quality of life of children with cancer and non-infectious diseases in Colombia, providing hope to hundreds of low-income families who need constant, high-quality support, during and after medical treatment. We are sure that with your contribution we can transform the lives of each child and companion who arrives at our home while passing through.


Each year, approximately 400,000 children between 0 and 19 years of age are diagnosed with cancer worldwide.


Pay attention to detail

Early detection saves the lives of our children, pay attention to detail, you can be their hero.

Headache, vomiting in the morning for several days.

Paleness, easy tiredness,
nose or gum bleeding.

Persistent bone pain or bruises.

Fatigue and changes in behavior.

Fever, unexplained weight loss, persistent cough, or trouble breathing.

Dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.

Growing abdomen

Mass or swelling, especially if there is no pain or fever or other signs of infection.

White spot in the eye when light hits it.

The Types of cancer that most
affects children are

It is cancer that affects the marrow and the tissues that make blood cells, the body makes a large number of abnormal white blood cells.

Tumors of the central nervous system: Brain and spinal cord tumors are the most common solid tumors in children. Its treatment generally includes surgery plus other therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Lymphomas: Lymphoma is a type of cancer that appears in the lymphatic system, the body’s circulation network that removes impurities.

It remains

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    It remains

    Relevant data:

    • In Colombia since 2008, childhood cancer has been recognized as a public health problem due to its social impact and high mortality, where a large proportion of this mortality could be avoided through the guarantee and opportunity in comprehensive care.
    • There has been a broad regulatory framework in the country since May 2010 with Law 1388, which protects the rights to health and life of minors with cancer from suspicion. More recently, the Jacobo Law (Law 2026 of 2020) was also approved to strengthen the early detection strategy and declare childhood cancer care as a priority.
    • The great challenge for the country has been the reduction of the high mortality rate from childhood cancer and the increase in survival, which is estimated at 60% in Colombia; However, progress has not yet been significant when compared to the survival rates of more developed countries (80% to 90%).
    • In Colombia, childhood cancer is the second cause of death in children between 5 and 15 years old.

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