Frecuent questions

Children who want to join the program:

My child has cancer and I would like to have the benefits of the foundation, what should I do?

La Divina Providencia Foundation receives children referred directly from EPS or health service providers. The characteristics of the population we benefit are the following:

1.- Children from 0 to 17 years old

2.- Children with cancer, transplants or non-infectious diseases.

3.- That they do not reside in the city of Cali.

4.- We only receive the child and a female companion.

5.- Low-income families.

How can I enter the foster home?

Once the child is diagnosed and begins the treatment process at the health provider, the family should contact the IPS department of psychology and / or social work, who are in charge of conducting an investigation of social conditions and economic in which the child is; and based on them are sent to our institution.

Interested in getting involved

What kind of donation can I make?

We have two types of specific donations, in kind and in cash.

Can I go visit a relative who is in the foundation?

Patients who are inside the Hogar de Paso can receive visits from family and friends within the established hours from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5:30 pm, clearly each visit is governed by the different rules of coexistence of the institution.

Where can I send my donation?

If you reside in Colombia, especially in the city of Cali, you can send your donation to the following address: Carrera 36 # 3A-24 B / San Fernando. If you are outside the country you can deposit us in our savings account 025-813163 of the Banco de Occidente.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, when money is donated, the payment must have been made by check, credit card or through a financial intermediary; As a foundation we are able to issue a Donation Certificate, for more information contact us at 554 2360 – 5545 546 – 317 654 8257

What is the impact of my support?

The satisfaction of contributing to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and low-income transplanted children during their treatment process in the city of Santiago de Cali.

What activities can I do with the children?

With children you can do all kinds of recreational activities that strengthen learning and development of their cognitive and psychomotor skills. Depending on the health status of the children, the foundation will also give the respective recommendations.

If you did an activity, what can I bring the children for snacks?

It is convenient to provide children with fresh and healthy snacks, if possible natural fruit juices, foods rich in energy, vitamins and minerals. Please avoid sweets, sodas, artificial foods, and high sugar content.

If I have a contagious disease (Flu), can I visit the children?

If you have a contagious disease such as the flu, chickenpox, among others. Refrain from attending our facilities; Contact the volunteer coordinator to reschedule the activity you had planned for the children.

What are the requirements to be a volunteer?

The general requirements to be part of the volunteer team of the La Divina Providencia Foundation.

  1. Be of legal age, in case of being a minor, have prior authorization from the legal representative.
  2. Have Social Security in Health.
  3. Carry out the acceptance interview with the Foundation’s volunteer coordinator.
  4. Receive prior training about the Foundation’s volunteer program and event logistics support.
  5. Have time, availability and commitment to carry out the activities of the foundation.
  6. Have a sense of belonging to the Foundation’s facilities.
  7. Have a love for social work.

What food can I donate to the foundation?

We receive all kinds of food, both perishable and non-perishable, for example: Meats, eggs, long-life milk, bread, chocolate, oil, rice, grains, saltin biscuits, arepa, arina, etc. we recommend contacting us

What items can I donate to the foundation?

We receive as a donation objects in good condition such as household items, clothing for adults and children, shoes, toys, toiletries, books, appliances, household goods, diapers, masks, gloves, etc.


Do I have to live in the city of Cali to obtain the products?

To receive the address of our products you must reside in the city of Cali-Colombia, on the contrary you would be subject to costs and delivery times of carriers nationwide.

How long does it take for the product to arrive (solidarity voucher, recipe book, solidarity handles)?

The delivery time of the products is subject to the availability of the FREELANCE courier, the estimated period is 1 to 2 business days.

Shipping costs?

The shipping costs must be assumed by the benefactor, the shipment is made directly through a FREELANCE courier which has a cost of $ 5,000 pesos CO.