Solidarity Bonus

It is a gift voucher that gives whoever it receives the satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of the children of the Fundación la Divina Providencia.

It can be used for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or deaths.

Godfather plan

The Foundation, being a foster home, provides accommodation to children who are undergoing treatment…

Through the sponsorship program, you have the opportunity to support several children with cancer or another non-contagious disease, to provide them with basic care, accommodation, food, psychological support, nursing accompaniment, recreational and non-formal educational activities.

Solidarity handles



Handles designed with great love by Turmalina and Durando Joyeros, which have a pendant with the logo of our Foundation, so that you always carry us close to you.


Recipe book

Recipe book authored by one of our founders, in which you will find unforgettable recipes made with love.

Biosafety kit

The biosecurity kit consists of a practical jean bag containing alcohol and antibacterial gel, perfect to carry everywhere.