Yeidy Briyith Nazareno

Child’s Name: Yeidy Briyith Nazareno

Age: 9 years

Mother: Rosa Milderos

Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Origin: Tumaco, Nariño

Length of stay at the foundation: May 2019


My name is Rosalinda Milderos, I am the mother of Yeidy Briyith Nazareno and she has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, at first her ankles swelled and with a fever, I thought she had hit herself and I took her to the doctor, then they sent her Some tests and when the results were available they called me to repeat the tests because the doctors thought the results were strange, so I went and had them repeat them and when I took her to the EPS and the girl could not walk, they began to swell knees and that was over the course of 15 days.

When I took her to the EPS they sent her to an emergency clinic there in Tumaco, she was hospitalized for about 8 days and they told me it was juvenile arthritis, but before I took her to the EPS with the tests they had already taken, I went to A private doctor and that doctor when I looked at the exams told me “take the girl to Cali, take her to Imbanaco, to the Lili Valley or to the Noel club” but he did not tell me that he had the girl or that he could have, I told him that well , but at that time I had no money, so we had to wait for the EPS appointment. After they left the clinic and we returned home they sent her to take ibuprofen and other pills, we had her at home for about 5 days and since she was not seeing improvement and the next check-up was in 15 days, we looked for Our means to bring her to Cali with a private doctor, when the doctor saw the tests that we brought from Tumaco he referred her to the Noel club and there they took more tests and gave her a diagnosis of cancer, in the Noel club she stayed for 3 days and then the They were sent to the Lili Valley to start the process. While at the clinic they took more tests, but after being hospitalized for a week in the Lili Valley, she began to walk again, because before she could not stand.

The father was the one who received the diagnosis, he was the one who was with her when everything started with the disease, he spent three months with her, I was working, when she was diagnosed and admitted to the ICU, there if I travel from Tumaco to Cali, at that time I cried a lot because I thought that when someone is in the ICU it is because they are very ill.

When they diagnosed her, the father wanted to take the girl home, he was worried about her, he called me at dawn saying that he was going to take the girl home because she has cancer and that disease cannot be cured, but at that moment they spoke with him and explained to him not to do that, that the girl could live with the treatment, that it was only to be expected. At the beginning, the father and I cried a lot, because the girl had swollen little hands, there was no way to suck her anymore, because they had done many procedures for the exams. The family was very concerned, they cried, because they understood that this disease had no cure, but afterwards they did not put a psychologist in the clinic and the doctor also explained to us that the disease has a cure, we just have to wait and continue the treatment.

The girl was told that she had the disease, but it was not explained to her what it was, and later she was assimilating her disease, they explained to her everything that was going to happen with the disease, that her hair was going to fall out, that she was going to get thinner or more chubby, they explained all that to her. Knowing those things that are going to happen encourages one, one can assimilate the disease as something more normal, the most difficult thing is the division of the family for now, but everything is for her well-being. At the beginning one thought, so much procedure for what? Suddenly the girl is going to die or something like that, but one already has another way of thinking, God only knows what will happen, one does everything possible to be with her, taking care of her, following the treatment until God wants.

At the beginning when they told me that they were going to send me to a foster home, I did not know what to think, I asked myself “what is that like?” At first they told the Pope that they were going to send him to a home, but he was well removed from Cali and he thought he was going to be very locked up and everything, but when I arrived, I said yes, I also had no more where to go, I thought it was going to be hard. The first days if I cried at the foundation, because one looks at this situation as a confinement, but one gets used to it and tries to talk with the other mothers who go through the same thing, I at the foundation feel good, I like how It is the people here, I have no complaints here, I am very grateful to all of them, to the nurse, to the administrative staff, I thought they were going to be “screwed up” but they are all pure laughter and that helps one feel better, I talk to the other mothers and I tell them that I have no complaints about the foundation here, so much so that they help him here, food, accommodation, everything, it really seems good to me.

Yeidy is happy here at the foundation, as long as she has someone to play with or where to play, she is happy, I know that my daughter when she arrives here will not be sad or something like that, at the beginning I did think how she was going to feel my daughter in a foster home, but no, Yeidy is happy here with her friends.

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