Ivanna Valentina Perozo


Child’s name: Ivanna Valentina Perozo

Mother: Masiel Amesty

Age: 4 years

Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Origin: Maracaibo, Venezuela

Length of stay at the foundation: September 2018


My name is Dayalis Amesty, my daughter is Ivanna Perozo I am here in divine providence because my daughter was hospitalized because she was diagnosed with leukemia and it was a very hard blow for me, it really was very hard and when my daughter started the I had not realized the disease, it began with the symptoms of fever, headache, I became pale, weight loss, loss of appetite, then my daughter had a seizure with a fever and that was where they suspected a possible leukemia … Then they took a breath, my reaction when they told me the news of my daughter’s illness, that she had leukemia, which came out positive, was quite strong and quite hard for me, that is, it was very strong news, so strong that I I cried a lot and complained too much, the world was falling apart, but they are God’s tests, after that my daughter, when she started chemo processes, everything was very hard too, because she felt bad, the chemo process was very difficult. rte, the treatment was very strong, but thanks to God I evolved well, after my daughter finished that cycle of chemo they discharged me and through the hospital I entered this home of step, to divine providence, from that moment, I am here.

In Divine Providence they have treated me very well, an excellent foundation, they treat my daughter very well, they are like my second family, I really have a lot to be thankful for, because they have treated me in a better way, the best, they have It has been like a second home, everything has been a very hard process, at first it was strong I cried and did not want to be here, but thank God I have adapted, my daughter is improving. I have a lot to thank the people here, the workers, the psychologist and everyone who is here.

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