Angie Natalia Acosta


Child’s name: Angie Natalia Acosta

Age: 3 years

Mother: Johana Acosta

Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Origin: Popayán, Cauca

Length of stay at the foundation: August 2019


My name is Johana Acosta, I am Angie Natalia Acosta’s mother, my daughter before being diagnosed presented symptoms of the flu, with fever, then she gave her petechiae on her feet, which are little red bumps and her stomach swelled, I did not When she got that flu, don’t take her immediately to the doctor, with my mom we bought her a syrup because in those days she was getting a lot of flu, so we bought her medicines to get rid of the fever, but when the symptoms continued, they completed about 15 days like that and a total change was seen, she began to relapse more and more. As we live on a farm, once I slipped and fell and broke a little foot, in those days we took her to a bridle and rubbed her for 2 days and then she didn’t walk at all, she continued the same, then that man saw the A girl with a very pale color, very yellow, then she told me “you have to take her sheet to the hospital, I am not a doctor but the girl may have hepatitis B” so immediately I took her to the hospital, I didn’t even take the ID, we went and when we entered the emergency room, when later they told me that Angie had leukemia.

There they gave me the diagnosis that Angie had Cancer in the blood, then the specialists said that they should refer me to the Lili Valley … one wonders many things, I sat down, I began to cry, there are many things, why my daughter, one He is also blamed, the first person he called was the girl’s godmother, I told him I did not know what to do.

I had never heard of this disease, it was the first time and when I entered the Lili valley, they explained to me, the psychologist helped me, a doctor told me not to be scared and I told her that in my family there was no one with cancer, that why this happened, but at the clinic they explained to me that there were many children diagnosed with this disease, that my daughter was not the only one, and later they passed me on to the psychologist because for me it was very hard and the psychologist told me “I know that she will be hard for you, but we are here to help you ”she understood me a lot, she visited me and Angie, the Lili Valley staff helped me a lot.

When the girl fell, she lost a lot of sensitivity and mobility, so at the clinic they began to treat her for that, a very attentive oncologist gave Angie a car, my daughter never wanted to get out of bed, so the oncologist would scold me because I I had to motivate Angie to walk, to get out of bed, to have mobility again, because the girl threw many tantrums until once the oncologist told me “I’m going to give you a car, because I know that the girl is going to walk again ”and the days I give her the cuche and it was that she began to walk again.

At first it is very hard, but after three months I already assimilated that this situation was my turn, that I had to be with her in this procedure, a friend helped me a lot, supported me a lot, she advised me that I should settle down, that If I had to get used to living in Cali for the health of my daughter, I had to do it, for one should think first about the children, at that time I went into a depression because the EPS did not collaborate with me at all, it did not authorize chemotherapy So I decided with the help of my mother to put a guardianship and it worked in my favor, but since my EPS no longer had an agreement, they transferred us to the clinic.

In the new clinic they treated me well, welcomed me well and assigned me a new home, the Divine Providence Foundation. The first day I arrived I felt strange, because everything was new, it was different from the other foster home I had been in, the conditions were better, and as the days went by I began to interact with the other mothers of the foundation, they They began to talk to me, to ask me where I was from, the foundation staff also received me very well, they treated me very well, they help me as much as they can and they care about the girl, here at the foundation I do not I have a bad time, because we hang out among the moms, they make me laugh a lot even though I am sometimes unwell, this passing home has served me a lot because they have given me a lot of help, a lot of support.

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